Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Now Opening: Mega Man for Smash Bros.!

Welcome, visitor, to the very first post on “Mega Man for Smash Bros.”! There’s not much here right now, but we’re looking to have a feast of fan-made content as time rolls on.

Every single day should bring a new update, with our initial schedule proposing:

  • Made-It Mondays: A day for fan game creations
  • Tech Tuesday: For ROM Hacks, codes, and more
  • Wildcard Wednesday: Basically anything can go here
  • Tune Thursday: Meant for fan-made Mega Man songs and remixes
  • Fan Friday: To spotlight hardcore Mega Man fans
  • Smash Saturday: Talking about why Mega Man should be in  Smash Bros.
  • Sketch Sunday: An all purposes Mega Man fan art day

You can check out that very same schedule listing here on the Mission Status page, which also contains various information on site ownership and where the campaign stands. There’s also the Our Mission page, which details the gravity of this issue.

I look forward to posting all about the dedicated efforts of Mega Man fans everywhere, and I hope you enjoy them too!

-Press Start

1 Comment

  1. Redmage1987

    This sounds like a good setup for each day of the week. I look forward to everything!

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