Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Extra: Gaming News

Wait, there’s more! While traversing game news sites today, I came across articles here and there which piqued my interest. There’s the Nintendo RPG localization fiasco going on, which sounds like it might be resolved soon! Hideo Kojima comments on how Snake got into Brawl! Read all this and more, after the jump.

Nintendo and the Missing Wii Games in NA

In case the words “Nintendo RPG localization fiasco” don’t ring a bell, here’s a quick summary by Mr. Main Finger. During the past few days, fans have skyrocketed “Monado: Beginning of the World” to the top of Amazon’s game pre-orders list. While Nintendo has been reluctant to fully respond to the campaign, as usual, they have admitted that they are aware of the effort. And, if IGN editor Rich George’s recent tweet rings true, it sounds like we might have a more definite response soon.

The reason I find this all very interesting is because, as you might have guessed, this site is running its very own campaign to try and attract Nintendo’s attention. I think the best conclusion to this situation would be for Nintendo to be more open and observant of its fans, and offer a venue like Capcom-Unity where they could share their ideas so that they would not have to go through such extreme measures everytime an huge upset like this occurs. Here’s hoping for the best.

Kojima on Snake Getting into Brawl

For anyone who has been a long time Smash Bros. fan, the story of Hideo Kojima’s desire to have Snake join the roster is nothing new. But the latest Nintendo Power shows just how dedicated Hideo Kojima has to be in order to make this happen. NintendoEverything provides the quotation:

“I worked hand-in-hand with [director] Mr. [Masahiro] Sakurai, who I also consider a friend. At the time Nintendo thought that Snake felt like a Sony character, and didn’t think he would fit into SSBB. However, I really wanted Snake in the game, and it was through Mr. Sakurai that we were able to reach a consensus and make that happen.”

It really is unfortunate that Keiji Inafune is no longer with Capcom, as he would have been the most likely and well known representative of Mega Man. In any case, it is noteworthy that a good amount of expected responsibility falls on Capcom if we want to see Mega Man partake in Smash Bros.

Modojo’s Most Wanted Smash Bros. 3DS Features

It’s always awesome to see any news site support the cause for Mega Man in Smash Bros. Modojo just that today in a list of features and more that they are hoping show up in the portable version of the next Smash Bros. They rank Mega Man as their top pick for additional 3rd party inclusions, a wise choice.

Nobuo Uematsu and the New Smash Bros.

Nobuo Uematsu, AKA the guy who makes all the cool music for Square-Enix’s games past and present, showed up today in an interview by VG Tribune. Honestly, there’s not much real promise in this story, as  basically they asked if he’d compose for the new Smash Bros., and he said if he was contracted for any work he would do it. But it does have a pic of him holding Brawl’s box! And well uhm… Mega Man music by Uematsu would be rad?!

That’s all the news for today, unless something really really cool comes up. Bye!


  1. Limelight788

    Thanks for providing the quote. This is very valuable information we should know if we want to get Mega Man in SSB4.

  2. Redmage1987

    Indeed. At first thought it would seem that Snake wouldn’t fit it at all. He did stand out, but also fit in at the same time. I especially liked all the Codec’s. I wonder what he would have said he if had one for Mega Man, haha.

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