Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Tech Tuesday #1: Mario vs. Airman

For Tech Tuesday, we’re going to visit a ROM hack which surfaced back in 2008: “VS. AirMan”. It’s a pretty straight forward concept with a perfect execution: Mario has to venture through AirMan’s stage and beat him up. While Mario lacks Mega Man’s precise movement and plasma power, his speed and hops can make gliding through the stage exhilarating.

That is until you reach the end, and have to somehow dance through AirMan’s barrage of mini-tornadoes and bop him on the head multiple times. At the very least, you CAN get a Fire Flower! AirMan ga Taosenai is, appropriately enough, the background music for the stage.

Placing one game hero into another’s world is a fun, and usually cruel challenge that game creators and hackers alike have given us the joy (and frustration) of experiencing. You probably have some in mind already, so don’t be surprised if they show up on a future Tech Tuesday!

1 Comment

  1. Redmage1987

    I remember seeing this fan game shortly after hearing the song. I have yet to try it, but it seems like a lot of fun.

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