Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Wildcard Wednesday #1: “Up + B”

You Must Recover

No question about it, the hottest topic when it comes to Mega Man in Smash Bros. is speculation on his moveset. This can be a tough challenge for most characers, scraping any bit of thier game history in search of a manuever that will fit the button combination. Mega Man has the opposite problem though; he’s had more than 10 games filled with all sorts of powers and items that could be used! Scoping out suggestions from forum topics, I picked out the most popular, obscure, and odd choices for possible “Up + B” moves Mega Man might have after the jump.

Rush Jet

Rush Jet: A series staple that has appeared in numerous Mega Man games and cartoons, Rush Jet was by far the most popular suggestion. It is seemingly Mega Man’s preferred method of flight, and so it NOT being Mega Man’s recovery move would likely disappoint many.

Rush Coil

Rush Coil: The second most popular suggestion is the other trademark Rush item: Rush Coil! This, of course, would give Mega Man one huge additional leap. I personally wonder how Rush could show up fast enough for either Jet or Coil to be helpful, but I guess if Sonic can magic up a spring…

Rock Upper

Mega Upper: I’m totally using that Powered Up pic and calling it an uppercut. Mega Upper, or Rock Upper, is Mega Man’s very own flaming upper cut that was seen in Marvel Vs Capcom and The Power Fighters. It would be both a strong attack and a way of gaining ground, but more importantly it’d be a well-placed nod to Capcom’s own fighting game franchise Street Fighter.


Beat Whistle: Hey, it’s Mega Man’s other animal friend, Beat! This is personally my favorite suggestion, as I can see pressing the button and it playing the whistle noise, with Beat swooping in immediately and letting you fly around a bit. C’mon, Beat!

Super Mega Man

Jet Mega Man: Here’s an interesting one. Both Mega Man 6 and Mega Man 7 have their own variations of this Rush Jet Backpack concept, and its definitely a cool way for a robot to fly around. If Mega Man’s “final smash” were to transform into Super Mega Man, this would be a great replacement move for his previous Up + B.


Wire: This strange item from Mega Man 4 has a reputation for being cool looking, but not very useful. It also has a reputation for reminding people of Bionic Commando. Perhaps if the Wire was implemented like Spencer’s Bionic Arm, it could actually provide some assistance in Smash Bros.

Tornado Blow

Tornado Blow: Some of Mega Man’s most interesting weapons of the past are the ones that provide additional maneuverability, like Tornado Hold and Oil Slider. Tornado Blow is one weapon that, after activation, provided Mega Man with increased jumping power. If it were changed up a bit, offering a boost even midfall and not covering the whole screen with tornadoes, it might fit into Mega Man’s Smash moveset.


Carry: This odd item hails from Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge, and provides Mega Man with a small platform below his feet instantaneously. As functional as it is, it is just too weird a pick and too boring an item to end up in Mega Man’s Smash moveset. But who knows?

Top Fire

Top Spin…On Fire: Stop the presses, we have a winner!

Got even better suggestions? Leave a comment below!



  1. stealthwoman

    The beat whistle seems most appealing to me. I’m not going with rush jet or coil because I feel they would be cheap moves and I really don’t like sonic so I don’t want him to magically produce rush coils. My second preferred option would be the jet adapter, and finally tornado blow if all else fails.

    • I agree, I wouldn’t be a big fan of Rush just ‘appearing’. The Beat one just seems like it’d fit in great, game play wise and visually.

  2. Limelight788

    For Mega Man’s Up + B, my favorite choice is the Tornado Blow. Rush Coil and Mega Upper would also be great.

    However, looking at the Mega Man’s picture of Beat carrying Mega Man, it’s kind of weird.

  3. ZORK

    I remember I also made up a moveset for Mega Man back then. My suggestion for a Up+B was Rush Jet, though Beat would also be a good idea.

  4. Redmage1987

    I really like the idea of Beat and Mega Upper for his Up + B Move the most.

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