Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Extra: Ask Capcom July 1, 2011

Capcom really likes to try and stay in touch with the fans, and one way they have been doing that on Capcom Unity is through their “Ask Capcom” live streams. There was a huge amount of Mega Man questions asked this time around, concerning Mega Man X9, Legends 3, and of course, Mega Man in Smash Bros. Unfortunately, for all 3 of these, the answers offer nothing concrete:

-They had no word on Mega Man X9, and instead went into talking about how the localization process works. Basically, it’s up to Capcom Japan.

-On Mega Man Legends 3, when asked about a release date for Prototype Version, they immediately say to contact Greg (GregaMan) about that.

The Smash Bros. question is asked at 29:25

-As observed in the Ask Capcom/Mega Man forums: Mega Man for Smash Bros.?
-Sven is all for it
-Has apparently asked Capcom Japan to get in contact with Sakurai on this
-Say the ball is out of their court, as it is Nintendo’s game


  1. Redmage1987

    It’s really great to see Capcom making a move for this.

  2. shikoru

    please capcom add zero and megaman to the next smash bros title

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