Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Tech Tuesday #2: X Highway in Brawl

When Brawl hit retail and Mega Man was no where to be found, all hopefuls just had to accept fate for what it was. Except for the few who challenged fate! These brave men and women sought to change the hand they had been dealt, and alter the history of the game itself through the art of hacking.

And so, today’s Tech Tuesday features Master Hand’s handiwork, a re-skinned custom stage made to look just like the highway from Mega Man X. Being the intro stage to the first X game in the series, it is pretty iconic and would seem like the ideal battleground for X to have if he was in Smash Bros. Master Hand also re-skinned Samus into Mega Man X, while the Zero skin edit was done by Stack Smash.

Want to know how to make your own creations for Brawl? Well too bad, cause I know dirt. If anyone does want to offer a helping hand, comments are always welcome!


  1. Redmage1987

    Nice! That is really well done! Looks great!

  2. PizzaWenisaur

    I’m surprise it translated so well – but I’m a little shaky on how ” Megaman ” looks.

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