Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Extra: GamesRadar’s Smash Bros. Picks

Mega Man

GamesRadar has an article up listing their top picks for Smash Bros., including a Third Party list topped by Mega Man! Here’s what they had to say about him:

Mega Man

First appeared: Mega Man (1987)

To be honest we were a little dumbstruck that ol’ Mega didn’t appear in Brawl as one of the first ever third party fighters. He’s one of the most well-known characters in gaming, his history is very closely tied to Nintendo’s, and his stages would be incredible. Additionally, Smash creator Sakurai is a big videogame music buff, and videogame music doesn’t get much better than the Mega Man 2 soundtrack. It’s time to right this wrong now!

How he should play: Another reason Mega Man is a no-brainer is the fact that to his core he works perfectly with Smash controls. He’s a standard-bearer of classic platforming, his light projectiles from his Mega Buster fit with ranged attacks from characters like Fox and Samus, he has literally dozens of boss power-ups to repurpose in special moves, and his collection of support characters, especially Roll and Rush, would make great cameo attackers. It makes too much sense not to happen!

You can read the rest of their picks, both from Nintendo and other companies, here. It’ll be a long while before development starts on Smash Bros., so we can not really expect much besides speculation articles for now. Still, it’s always good to see support for Mega Man and just to talk about Smash Bros.


  1. Kapus

    “videogame music doesn’t get much better than the Mega Man 2 soundtrack.” I groaned at that bit, but it’s nice to see Mega Man get some Smash Bros. support everywhere!

  2. Redmage1987

    @ Kapus: I did the same thing. Personally I loved Mega Man 5’s Music the most and I also love Mega Man 7’s Soundtrack. Too bad so many people are Mega Man 2 Fanboy’s. I mean, it’s a great game, but it’s no wonder it took Capcom so long to give us a Mega Man 9, what with all the “fanbase” saying how each new installment was worse than the one before. >.> I don’t think that at all.

  3. Kapus

    Mega Man 2 is my least favorite in the series. I mean, it saved the franchise from dying and is a good game on its own, but I find it to be weak by Mega Man standards. The music is good, though, and I admit that Wily Stage 1 is a very good song, but it and everything else about the game seems to be overrated.

    My personal favorite of the NES era is Mega Man 4. I find it to be the strongest and most balanced game in that era.

  4. Redmage1987

    YES! Same here! I see a lot of people refer to Mega Man 4 as the “Red Headed Step Child” Saying it’s the worst. Those people obviously are stuck on Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3. It takes a lot of playthroughs of all the Mega Man to truely know which ones are the best.

  5. Limelight788

    This one was of their very good picks. While the article was crap, at least they took the time to mention him.

  6. Kapus


    Actually, I think MM5 is ratted on way more than MM4.

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