Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Poll Results #2: “Which Mega Man would you like to see in Smash Bros.?”

Was there ever any doubt? Classic Mega Man won this week’s poll with a big lead, showing that fans would be more than happy with the original iteration showing up in Smash Bros. This is great news, as it means I do not have to change Dusty’s wonderful banner!

X, of course, was the runner up here. I’m actually surprised he did not receive more votes, but I suppose we have more Classic fan visitors than X ones here right now, so it’s understandable. Legends and EXE had a close race to the end, finally tying up, and leaving Starforce in the dust.

Despite these results, “Mega Man for Smash Bros.” will continue to embrace all kinds of Mega Man content, including X, Legends, EXE and more. You never know what Mega Man series Nintendo might end up running with, so its always good to be prepared. Now begins the site’s third week, with the new poll “Which song would you most like to be remixed in Smash Bros.?”.


  1. Kapus

    No, there was never any doubt. Not one bit.

    As for the current poll, I’d have to vote MM4 Wily Capsule. However, given Brawl’s vast soundtrack and the “my music customization,” I would love to see a remix of a robot master song from each Mega Man game.

    I think MM2 DW1 is gone win this poll by a mile, being what I think is the most overrated song in the series.

  2. Redmage1987

    I expected Classic to win this, and I am happy he did. I voted Mega Man 2 Wily myself, mianly because it’s so iconic. I would also like to see Elec Man and Mega Man 4 Wily Capsule in as well. Really almost any Mega Man Music would be awesome.

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