Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Made-It Monday #3: Mega Man: Co-op and Versus

Ever since the introduction of Proto Man, ideas for a co-op action Mega Man have been spinning in gamer’s heads. While other headline-making projects have played with the idea, Mafoosh’s “Mega Man: Co-op and Versus” was the first project I ever played that really itched the scratch.

I should first mention that the project is not over; while Mafoosh’s Youtube videos do carry a download link in the description (which I highly recommend checking out), these are still works in progress. Despite its unfinished state, you’ll find the game to be very much playable and fun, especially if you have a buddy to try it out with. Currently, only local play is featured, but Mafoosh is working on online play, and hopes to be able to showcase it in the future.

What all does this fine game feature? For one, it has an easy-to-use level maker, for those interested in creating the level layouts of their dreams. Furthermore, it has double boss battles, a cool and cruel challenge that can have you fighting against Robot Masters like Shadow Man and Ring Man at the same time! It even has a nice selection of powers from Mega Man’s past, including retooled ones like a Gravity Hold that actually flips you from the floor to the ceiling. And of course, it has co-op adventure action, with special puzzle panels that encourage work between two heroes.

There’s all this and more to see, like a battle mode, if you want to go ahead and try the latest demo (up to Version 6 as of this post). If you do check it out, I encourage you to message Mafoosh with comments, bugs you’ve run into, and anything else you want to mention about the demo, as he’s always welcome to feedback. Not to mention, you can subscribe to his channel to find out exactly when a new update has arrived! Until then, I salute you and your awesome creation, Mafoosh!

Also a special shout out to SmashBroPlusB for showing me this game in the first place, and Nightwing for helping me shoot Robot Masters in it!


  1. Redmage1987

    I can’t remember when I first seen this, if it was on the Smash Bros. Board or the Mega Man Board on Gamefaqs. I think it was the Mega Man 3 Board, I thought this was extremelly epic. I would love to see Mega Man 11 have Co-Op. For some reason, this also makes me wonder how Mega Man would fit into the new Story Mode in SSB4. Nice Post as usual, Old Bean of the Color Green.

  2. Kapus

    I remember trying this out a few months ago. The gameplay physics and such needed work, but it was a demo so I let it slide. I had fun with it, anyway. I think this game has a lot of potential and I’d love to see what future releases have in store!

  3. an

    i cant downloAD it

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