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Wildcard Wednesday #3: “Side Special”

I keep going back and forth between saying things like “Side + B” and “Side Special”. Since the next Smash Bros. is going to end up on Wii U and the 3DS, it’s probably best to drop the “B” and just go with “Special”. Make sure to yell at me if I get off track.

Now, what are Side Specials? They got introduced in Smash Bros. Melee, and as far as I can tell, are usually fairly quick, short range moves. While Standard Specials like Samus’s Charge Shot or Donkey Kong’s Giant Punch put them in an immobile charging state, Side Specials like Fox’s Fox Illusion and Mario’s Cape provide quick feedback. Obviously, this is not the case for all Side Specials, but it important to keep in mind other Side Special choices while considering Mega Man’s own. Hit the jump to see the most popular suggestions I have observed from various forums.

Slide/Charge Kick

There’s a small list of fundamental abilities people expect from Mega Man: the chargeable buster, animal support, weapon stealing, and sliding. Introduced in Mega Man 3, then cruelly extracted from him in Mega Man 9, sliding gave players a boost of speed and access to narrow pathways. In Smash Bros., it could do just that, with the addition of causing some damage like it’s version in Marvel Vs. Capcom, or the Charge Kick. Also, it’d let the player slide past foes, or maybe even trip them up.

Without a doubt almost all fans agree that it deserves a place in Mega Man’s Smash move set, but not necessarily as a Side Special. Some move set speculators feel it would work better as a normal attack, perhaps performed while dashing or crouching. Which would you prefer?


Tengu Blade/Slash Claw

There were numerous weapon suggestions for Mega Man’s Side Special, and honestly, almost any of his past arsenal could fit the part. But from fan lists, Tengu Man and Slash Man’s moves seemed to be the most popular for Special Side’s role. It’s not really a mystery why either; as I said earlier, there’s kind of a common pattern among the already existing Side Specials. Kirby, Donkey Kong, Mario, and Bowser all seem to have close up, swipe-like moves. Tengu Blade and Slash Claw both would follow this trend, with the Tengu Blade offering an additional bonus projectile off of the slash.



The Mega-Arm is the alternative charge move attack from Mega Man V for Gameboy. It’s a notable suggestion as a rocket-fist is actually a fairly common attack in Mega Man and just among fictional robots. In Smash Bros., it would be like having a shorter-ranged, non-rapid projectile that packs an instant punch when fired off. I personally like the idea, but also think it would have a better place as Super Mega Man’s charged attack, if transforming into Super Mega Man were to be his Final Smash.


Mega Buster

Here’s an interesting suggestion: having both Standard Special and Side Special be a Mega Buster shot. It’s not too wild, considering that the original Smash Bros. did not have Side Specials. The purpose? Running and shooting. Side Specials are activated by moving left or right and pressing the Special button, so a Mega Buster on Standard Special would always have to be done while not moving. In order to play like his good old self, Mega Man might have to share one move on two commands.


Special Weapons

Of course, there’s a number of Special Weapons that would be suitable for the position as well. Some suggestions I came across included Rolling Cutter, Ring Boomerang, and Crash Bomb. Of course, the other possibility is if Mega Man does get the ability to switch weapons. If Side Special was set to ‘shoot’, as suggested above, Side Special could offer an alternative attack from the Standard Special shot. For example, Tengu Blade would do the short range slash on Standard Special, but the sliding attack variant with Side Special.


I’m always interested to hear about anyone’s speculated move lists and suggestions, so feel free to comment below with anything on your mind.


  1. Kapus

    I think Charge Kick should be Mega Man’s dash attack. Slash Claw should also be one of the standard A attacks, I think.

    The Mega Buster is probably the most interesting idea, given the running + shooting probability. That would be very fun.

    But really, there are so many weapons in the series it’s nearly impossible for me to decide a satisfactory moveset.

  2. RottenAvocado

    If I could have my way with his moveset, I would have his down special be a boss weapon switcher, and his forward special be what launches the boss weapon. This means while in his normal state he can fire buster shots with side special.

    • That’d work out pretty well. It’d offer running and gunning, but alternative fire too!

    • Kapus

      In that case, one weapon from each game would be cool.

      But then again, there are about 11 or so unique games in the series. That may be too much..

  3. Redmage1987

    Maybe they could choose 1 weapon from each of the games for that?

  4. Pinkie Pie

    Here’s MY idea…
    His Side B is the Weapon Grab, a short-range Grab swipe like Bowser’s, however, once the foe is grabbed, he steals their power. He then switches to the power he stole from them, which would be a weapon from the Mega Man games, with Down B. Then his Regular B becomes that move!

  5. Limelight788

    Mega-Arm would work well as Mega Man’s Side-B move, although it may be a bit similar to Samus’s. Special Weapons would be even better. Not a fan of the Slide/Charge Kick or Mega Buster, though, seems kind of wasteful.

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