Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Fan Friday #3: Redmage1987

Name: Redmage1987, The Old School Video Game King

Favorite Video Game: Mega Man 4


Free Space: Favorite Food: Italian and/or Chinese.

Proof of Love for Mega Man: Mega Man is my all time favorite Video Game Icon. I own every American released Classic and X Series’ Mega Man Game on Original Cartridge/Disk. Including the Collections. I have tried to organize community projects on finding every last secret and interesting thing we can in all the Mega Man Games. I have done No Damage Run’s of Mega Man Game’s on my Youtube Channel. The first thing I ever did gameplay wise on Youtube was battle all the Robot Masters from Mega Man 1-6 + Mega Man vs. Mega Man all No Damage and Buster Only. A Long Time Ago I drew out comics of the Robot Masters fighting each other. I have literally been playing Mega Man since I can remember. My eariest memory of Mega Man was playing Wood Man’s Stage in Mega Man 2. I have made my oldest nephew a fan of Mega Man as well.

Redmage1987 is a noble fan indeed! I have personally seen him fight for Mega Man’s cause on the GameFAQS message boards, spreading the word and getting the campaign up and running. He carries an incredible spirit with his voice, and should be an inspiration for all fans who wish to fight for this noble cause. Thank you, Redmage1987!


  1. Kapus

    “Favorite Video Game: Mega Man 4”
    You rock.

    But really, no damage runs of all those Mega Man games? Good on ya! I am doing a no damage run of MM10 myself. (on Hard Mode, no less!) I haven’t gotten past any of the Wily Stages yet, but I was able to do all of the master stages!

  2. Redmage1987

    Glad to help in anyway I can. Mega Man in my favorite single player game with Smash Bros. being my favorite party game, so seeing both together would just be amazing!

    Kapus: Thanks! I don’t think that a lot of people see Mega Man 4 as the best sadly. I wish you luck on your no damage run of Mega Man 10. I plan on doing that sometime as well. Right now I am doing a Pacifist Run on Hard Mode for youtube.

  3. Kapus

    No problem! I wish I could have recorded my MM10 playthrough for youtube..

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