Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Made-It Monday #4: Mega Man Scramble!!

Awhile back, Capcom-Unity held a Tribute Contest so that everyone could show their love for Mega Man. There were a bunch of really cool entries, but none cooler in my eyes than the rad creation by my good friend DinnerSonic! In only a short amount of time, he created Mega Man Scramble!!, a game that combined the efforts of 5 main Mega Man series. It’s a rare crossover that you typically only see in pictures, and seeing it brought to life like this makes me ecstatic. I can not thank DinnerSonic enough for making this concept a reality.

While it’s cool enough just watching the video, I think a lot of people do not realize that you can actually play the game. Since I now have the means to do so, would you like to see a harder version of this game? Or at least one that is playable via Flash?

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