Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Wildcard Wednesday #4: Clay on Display

Clay figurines and clay animation are two of the greatest things that have ever been conceived. Oh what a wonderful world we could have lived in if only “claymation” had become the standard for children’s movies rather than CGI! But enough weeping, let’s bask in the glory of one super dedicated Mega Man fan’s greatness!

Cameron Auld is a Canadian artist who has sculpted an insane amount of terrific looking clay figurines over the years. Recently, he has posted up his latest collection of works based on the crazy cast of robots from the classic Mega Man series. Each display is impressive on its own, but its really mind blowing to see them all in a gallery. I highly suggest you check them all out on his DeviantArt page, and be sure to leave comments praising him for his hard work.

Also, be sure to figure out which ones are your favorites! I decided on mine, and you can see some of em up close after the jump.


  1. Kapus

    Battonton is probably my favorite.

    Also, Shadow Man has quite a chin there.

  2. brawlman9876

    (wheres blocky and when you need him)
    this is good though! i like them all! Especially quick man! :3

  3. thanks for posting these dude.

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