Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Extra: History Behind Brawl Moves

Just saw one of these for the first time today. CrappyCaptureDevice gets really in-depth on finding the origins for different moves and animations on Brawl and Melee characters. For example, I did not even think twice about Marth’s intro-animation for Brawl, but it actually has a cool connection with the Warp items in the Fire Emblem series.

These are really cool to watch if you ever wonder where they pull this stuff from, especially since CrappyCaptureDevice goes through the trouble of getting relevant game footage from all kinds of titles. What’s really cool though is that it further proves how Smash Bros. is a game about doing the history of each Video Game character justice. Considering Mega Man’s original series, Soccer, his fighting game appearances, and his spinoffs, it will be very interesting to see from where and what Capcom would pull moves from.


  1. Kapus

    I watched all of these videos a year ago or so. Granted, I already knew the origins of more than half of the moves, but it’s still very cool and interesting to watch.

    • A lot of the time, I see games I haven’t revisited in forever and feel like I should go back to. Like Paper Mario : (

      • Kapus

        You should definitely go back to Paper Mario! I’m replaying TTYD myself.

        Hope PM 3DS turns out great.

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