Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Poll Results #5: “When do you think we will see a new Mega Man game?”

The results of last week’s poll is a mixed bag of hopefulness and depression. While a fair amount of people expect to see Mega Man showing up in a new title in the coming years, it appears just as many people believe this is the end for the Blue Bomber. On Capcom’s cancellation notice for Mega Man Legends 3, they do state that Mega Man will continue to be an important brand to them. However, with the cancellation of Mega Man Universe and Legends 3, there are currently no known Mega Man titles being developed by Capcom.

Currently, Mega Man is only surviving through merchandise and comic books. Keep supporting campaign efforts to ensure Capcom knows just how many Mega Man fans there are. And keep rooting for Mega Man in Smash Bros. as well!

This week’s poll touches on the subject of the recently announced price drop for the Nintendo 3DS. Keeping in mind that one of the next Smash Bros. is slated for the system, “are you considering buying a Nintendo 3DS?”

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