Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Smash Saturday #6: A Unique Copy

One of Mega Man’s most well known traits is his ability to steal weapons. But then, Nintendo’s Kirby is also well known for copying powers. Thus, if Mega Man were to enter the Smash world with his weapon stealing ability, would he be a mere clone of Kirby?

Maybe not! The member Yellow Devil of the Cutstuff forums suggested a radical idea for Mega Man’s move set: weapon stealing that results in classic Mega Man series powers! The genius of this idea comes in many layers. First off, it ensures VERY different copy moves from Kirby. Second, it allows for a wealthy amount of the Mega Man franchise’s fantastic weapons to be included into his arsenal. Finally, it frees up Mega Man’s down special from having to be a weapon changer.

Above, you can see some of Yellow Devil’s suggestions for what weapons Mega Man could gain from each Smash attendee. These weapons can be based on different attacks they perform (such as the Top Spin mirroring Meta Knight’s Mach Tornado) or just the general nature of the character (Remote Mine fitting to Solid Snake’s stealth tech arsenal).

While I admit that it might be a tad excessive to include a special weapon for each and every character, the possibilities are endlessly awesome. It really is fun connecting the dots to who would give what, which is why I included some of my own match-ups after the jump. Feel free to suggest your own, as well!


  1. Kapus

    As unlikely as this idea sounds, it’s just too fun to not think about.

    Here are some ideas from me.

    Fox = Break Dash
    Ice Climbers = Ice Wall
    Ike = Flame Sword, definitely.
    Lucas = Chill Spike (it freezes people!)
    Sonic = Charge Kick
    Link = Hyper Bomb
    Marth = Slash Claw
    Captain Falcon = Hard Knuckle
    Lucario = Copy Vision..?
    ROB = Gemini Laser

  2. watzup7856

    i feel like shiek should give him needle cannon and ivysaur should give him leaf shield

    • Yea, you’re probably right. Plant Barrier would be good too!

  3. Yellow Devil

    Surely Wario would be Break Dash (Smash+Left/Right), although the mention of Wario makes me wonder about Kirby, DeDeDe & Yoshi… Mega Man doesn’t eat people!

    • I figure something like Hyper Bomb could work for Yoshi, since he tosses his eggs pretty much like bombs. Kirby’s could be either Ice Slasher cause of his Cutter weapon, or Power Stone for his Rock power. King Dedede though…uhm. Star Crash??

  4. Yellow Devil

    …Hornet Chaser for DeDeDe (Waddle Dee throw)

    I feel like making a big list of these sometime.

    • Wow, I’m surprised you said that actually. I was thinking that after the fact, especially since DeDeDe’s whole thing seems to be using minions to do his bidding.

  5. Limelight788

    If he does do copying moves, that would be amazing to see. It would make him very unique despite copying like Kirby does. He should also have the option to switch between moves with the taunt button but unlike Kirby, doesn’t lose it if he gets KOd or take too much damage.

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