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Wildcard Wednesday #6: The Mega Man Network

Something you will probably never realize, until you have become totally engrossed in a hobby, is how lucky you are to have fan sites. Sometimes, you have a fairly lazy or irresponsible fan site (cough), but most interests are fortunate enough to have at least one that is both dedicated and refined. The Mega Man Network is one such site, and it has been providing quality new coverage and interesting insights for years.

We Mega Man fans really are fortunate to have people like Heat Man and LBD “Nytetrayn”, who listen in on all sorts of tips and translate foreign sources to bring us all of the latest Mega Man information. Even official sites like Capcom-Unity, when making Mega Man posts on the front page, often cite The Mega Man Network as the original source. That alone proves how the staff has gone above and beyond to bring content that otherwise would have been left largely unnoticed.

Just recently, they released their 11th “Megacast”, covering the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. I highly recommend listening in if you have any lingering questions about what has been going down, as they cover a lot of the recent events.

I can not imagine anyone who follows this site does not already follow The Mega Man Network. I made this post mainly to just recognize and reflect on how awesome it is that sites like The Mega Man Network even exist. Seriously, to all of the staff, thanks for working so hard for so many years.


  1. Kapus

    I have been watching the Mega Man network for almost a year now. I have known of its existence longer than that, but I didn’t really start watching it until then.

    I look at the site every day for the latest news, much like this site.

  2. Limelight788

    Not sure why the podcast isn’t working. Can someone help?

    Anyway, the Mega Man Network deserve credit for their dedication towards Mega Man.

    • Seems like some other people are having trouble listening to it too. Dunno if it’s cuz it’s a big download or what : (

      LanceHeart posted that they might be looking into alternate methods, though.

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