Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Fan Friday #6: Brawlman9876

Name: Brawlman9876
Favorite Video Game: Kirby Super Star!, but its close with Kirby 64!
Website: Youtube!
Free Space: Well, I love Kirby, and Mega Man too! Mega Man is my 2nd favorite series. I love Blocky, Quick Man, and Brawl Man is a Robot Master based on Quick Man! I am also not usually serious ever!
Proof of love for Mega Man: Well, I’m not an artist so i dont have any Mega Man fan art to show, i didn’t draw Brawl Man, but I have an LP of MM1 and a lot more on the way! When I first heard of Mega Man, I played classic 1-9, and some of the X games, 1-3, all in the same night I learned about Mega Man. I may be late in liking Mega Man, but that doesnt mean I don’t love it! I will always try and get anything to do with classic Mega Man because I love it so much! I wish Mega Man classic was in Brawl because there is so much he could do, but no dice! Hope he makes it in this one!

First and foremost, thanks Brawlman9876 for saving Fan Friday for Week #6! I have to say, Brawl Man looks like a sharp Robot Master. I can assure you, it is never too late to become a Mega Man fan. In fact, it makes me all the more happy to hear that new fans follow the franchise each day. With continued support from fans both new and old, hopefully we will see Mega Man show up in the next Smash.


  1. Kapus

    I’m so sorry, Press Start! I meant to ask my friend Korby if he could sign up for FF this week, but I completely forgot!

    Reallyt sorry!

    • Haha… I feel bad enough having to chase down people for Fan Friday submissions, having you do it would make me feel even worse!

      Hopefully I can think of a cool replacement feature. Where’s that Brotoad at??

      • Kapus

        No no, don’t replace Fan Friday! I still think Fan Friday is a great idea. My favorite daily event, actually! The site is still young, so don’t worry if there isn’t a lot of traffic at the moment. I’m seeing more and more new people come and comment, anyways!

        I have an endless supply of friends to show up on Fan Friday in the meantime. I wouldn’t worry so much!

  2. brawlman9876

    What the hell i totally sent you an email a while ago submitting PS!

    • Do you remember what email address you sent it from/can you resend it? I can’t seem to find it in my inbox : (

  3. brawlman9876

    I sent it again, Email is brawlman9876 (at) if you want to know! I think i see the problem…typo in the email address i sent to -_- my fault, sorry!

    • Not a problem at all! Thanks for saving Fan Friday; a notice will be going up soon!

  4. brawlman9876

    There we go
    glad to be a part of it! =D

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