Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Sketch Sunday #7: Mega Man NES Bosses

Today’s Sketch Sunday is a colorful and cool collection of Robot Masters that was created by Mike Matei! You may recognize him as the artist for the Angry Video Game Nerd‘s title cards, not to mention someone who just commonly shows up in his videos.

The whole big picture can be seen here, and it features every Robot Master from Mega Man 1-6. You may notice that the Mega Man 3 Robot Masters look a bit…off. That’s because they’re based off the Robot Master art that appeared in Nintendo Power for Mega Man 3. It just goes to show just how dedicated Mike Matei is to the retro way of games.


  1. Kapus

    Does Needleman have a mustache..?

    He looks like Mr. Potato Head!

  2. brawlman9876

    Oh i have seen this before!
    Top man is creepy.

    • He looks like some Nickelodeon character haha. BUT I always end up focusing on ChargeMan’s face 8 |

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