Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Poll Results #7: “Out of these choices, what feature do you most want out of the next Smash Bros.?”

More, more, more! It’s always more! But in this case, it seems most people want more characters more than anything else! Better online is not too far behind though, so we can hopefully expect a little bit of both in the upcoming Smash Bros. titles.

This week’s poll is kind of weird, but I hope you enjoy answering it anyways!


  1. Kapus

    I made over 100 custom stages for Brawl.

    I really want an improved level editor.

    • You know, there’s tons of games that get released with level editors, and I’m sure they do not get used by about 80% of the players. People just buy the game to play it, and only that small dedicated/creative group enjoys using the editors (which in turn, increases the enjoyment of those who just download levels).

      So, while I’m not usually an advocate of DLC, I think having the level editor being a separate purchase would be a great way to increase profits and thus the value of the editor, allowing for more in-depth creation.

  2. Kapus

    That’d be nice.

    As long as it is improved.

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