Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Smash Saturday #8: Setting the Stage

Mega Man sure had an awesome stage for Marvel Vs. Capcom 1. A huge construction zone, featuring bunches of Mets, Baccones, Mad Grinder in the background, and a super-sized Killer Bullet. There’s also Dark Man 1 and Dr. Wily yelling through a megaphone, but those are not pictured above. It’s an entirely new area that’s not in any of Mega Man’s past games, and yet it still encompasses the feel of the series.

For Super Smash Bros., it can be difficult to pinpoint what we should expect or want from Mega Man’s stage. Of course, if it were any Mega Man series besides Classic, it might be a bit easier. Mega Man X has the familiar Highway opening stage, Legends could take place in a town, the ruins, or even in a sky battle, and Battle Network would probably be Internet based. Classic has a lot of variety though, with no one ‘First Stage’ to go back to.

One popular idea is to revisit the idea of the Marvel Vs. Capcom stage, and just have a construction zone with various enemies and characters from Mega Man’s past showing up here and there. Many of the Robot Master stages are construction zones themselves, as well as factories and power plants. In order to keep with the industrial theme commonly featured in the Classic series, it would probably be best to have a stage that continued this trend.

Of course, it would also be interesting to have a focus on just one type of Robot Master stage too. Creating a general ‘industrial’ stage would be boring if it did not feature any of the gimmicks that are part of Classic Mega Man’s history. Spikes, disappearing blocks, and conveyor belts are just a few familiar obstacles that could and probably should show up in this future stage.

There’s tons more to consider as well, including Wily Stages, or just the Wily Castle itself. There could be Light’s Lab, a highway with the cityscape, or maybe even a forest stage. If you feel like it, comment below on what you would most like to see, or at least, what your ideal Mega Man stage would be.


  1. Yellow Devil

    If there’s one stage everyone knows, it’s gotta be Cut Man! Not too gimmicky, but has spikes, possibly even those flying shells or big eyes to wreck the landscape!

  2. Limelight788

    How about Robot Museum or Dr. Wily Fortress?

    • I think Robot Museum would be my top personal pick : )

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