Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Tech Tuesday #8: Shade Man 7

CutmanMike is a master at getting WEIRD Game Genie codes for Mega Man 7 and beyond. Anytime I put in a code, I always get zilch or the game freezes! He claims 7E19CA29 will bring you all the Shade Mans you could ever want, but I can not get the darn thing to work on my copy of Rockman 7. Guess I have to bite the bullet and get it in English!


  1. Kapus

    Oh man I remember watching this.

  2. Omar

    Well that’s neat.

  3. Jump

    It’s a RAM code (anything that has a 7E or 7F prefix), that’s why it doesn’t work on the Game Genie which can only do ROM patching. You’d need the actual Pro Action Replay hardware to get it to work in its current form.

    There’s likely a way to make it work with a Game Genie code, but it’d require some additional debugging/tracing. I might give it a try later.

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