Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Wildcard Wednesday #8: Mega Man’s Voice

Some discussion on the Capcom-Unity topic for Mega Man in Smash Bros. got me thinking about voice actors. Pretty much everyone, even those who have been lacking voices for their games in the past, get a voice for Smash Bros. In Mega Man’s case, he’s actually had quite a few, just considering Classic. I made a video you can see above which shows off all the English and Japanese Mega Man voices I could find.

The original Japanese actor, Hekiru Shiina, is probably my top pick overall. Ever since playing “The Power Battles”, that’s the voice that most reminds me of Mega Man (and most fits!). However, even if we were lucky enough to score the original Japanese VA for Smash Bros., the US version usually gets its dubs on characters (with exceptions like Marth). In this case, I would choose Ian James Corlett out of the other English VAs. I love the cartoon, and his voice is for sure my favorite out of the other English choices.

Chances are, none of the above would reprise their roles though. In that outcome, who would be your pick for Mega Man’s voice, in Japanese or English?


  1. Kapus

    As much as I like him, I don’t think James Corlett fits any Mega Man outside of the cartoon show.

  2. Yellow Devil

    Sizzlin’ Circuits! Why not Kapoose?

    You’re more twisted than a car wreck!

    • Kapus

      Don’t call me that.

      I just pictured non-cartoon Mega Man to have a much more higher pitched voice. Not as high pitched as MM8, but higher than cartoon Mega Man.

      • Yellow Devil

        I’m guessing you didn’t get the reference ;(

  3. Limelight788

    Hekiru Shiina is my personal pick as well. She gives Mega Man’s voice justice. Not saying there aren’t other good voice actors, but this is the best one.

  4. brawlman9876

    I really like the Mega Man Powered Up Voice Actor
    suits him well. Just imagine that voice in mega man 8.

  5. stealthwoman

    Hekiru Shiina, Ai Orikasa, or Yumiko Kobayashi for Japanese voice. I want Cole Howard for English voice acting.

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