Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Poll Results #8: “Which is the best Mega Mascot?”

Last week’s poll results have judged Mets, the walking helmets with eyeballs, as the top Mega Mascot. Servbots had a pretty strong following as well. But I have to hand it to Mr. Prog for managing to get not one, but two votes! Maybe Mr. Hertz can aspire to such great heights in the future, but with no Starforce sequels in sight, probably not.

This week’s poll asks for your personal preference on the possible versions of the potential new Smash Bros. sequel. There’s absolutely NOTHING to go off of as far as actual details on either game, so this is more gauging whether you want a portable Smash Bros. over another console outing.

Thanks for voting, and expect new results next week!

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