Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Smash Saturday #10: Captain N: The Game Master

I think it’s great that so many other people support Mega Man for Smash Bros., considering his importance in the early history of Nintendo games. However, I still happen across messages such as “why are people so obsessed with Mega Man showing up in Smash Bros.?” Maybe they understand the character’s history perfectly, and really think individuals like myself are insane lunatics who dream, day and night, of blue robots.


Maybe they are unaware of just how big Mega Man was back in the day. Thus, I’m going to try and dedicate some future Smash Saturdays to proving Mega Man’s past popularity, in order to make the possibility of his future inclusion more credible (and to hopefully gain even more fan support!) Exhibit A is the first episode to Captain N: The Game Master. While people love and hate the cartoon, there’s no question that it was one of the earliest signs of Mega Man’s mega popularity, as he earned a spot in the main cast. Heck, people complain today about how Mega Man was portrayed in the show, which goes to show how much respect the character has gained over the years.

There’s other episodes which feature “Dr. Right”, Dr. Wily, and some of the craziest Robot Masters you have ever seen. There’s much more to see, as Captain N ran for 3 seasons and even had his own comic book. And even if you do not like Mega Man with a frog in his throat, well, it would not be the last time he was on TV!

1 Comment

  1. Limelight788

    I gotta say, I hated Mega Man’s voice acting in that TV show. It was just terrible.

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