Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Extra: Delayed Updates

If anyone’s been checking up on the site lately, you’ll have noticed a lack of updates for the past few days. This is only because school has started up for me again, which unfortunately means slow going for the site. However, I still plan to keep updating, and hopefully I will have something new up by Wednesday.

There is definitely not a lack of fan-made Mega Man content still to showcase. There is a lack of Fan Friday submissions though, so if you see it in your heart to submit your Mega Man fan info for all to see during these delays, go right ahead!

As stated on the “Mission Status”, we probably still have a long ways to go before we start seeing any new information or updates about the upcoming Smash Bros. titles, so slowing down should not be a big issue. The top priority here is to keep an eye out for any opportunities to voice our desire for Mega Man in Smash Bros., whether it’s with Capcom, Nintendo, or an outside source that gets a lot of attention (like mainstream news sites).

However, there is a possibility that no chances to directly voice our opinions will arise. That is why it’s also important to just always show your love for Mega Man whenever you can, whether its through fan art, playing the games, or chatting about it with others. The series is not dead or irrelevant as long as there are people actively enjoying it. Any kind of effort on this level is a small contribution to a larger picture that is very visible to anyone, including Nintendo and Capcom.

So, keep being great Mega Man fans, and hopefully I will have something new and cool up soon! Thanks!


  1. Dusty

    Go ahead and continue to use me and my art if you need content, i’ll even create content specifically for the site if you wish. Use what I have now and in two weeks I should be able to start drawing again.

    • Ahh you’re too nice Dusty! Really wish I was out of college and making money; there’s tons of cool artists like you that I owe a lot!

  2. Kapus

    I figured school was the issue!

    Don’t worry, PS! We’ll be patient!

  3. Limelight788

    Looking forward to more updates. I’m definitely patience when it comes to stuff like this.

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