Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Made-It Monday #11: Super Smash Land

While I was already happily anticipating Dan Fornace’s fangame Super Smash Land before this trailer, the inclusion of Mega Man is a very welcome surprise. PikiGeek has a more extensive interview with the creator, not to mention links for actually downloading the game at the bottom. What’s interesting is that Dan is not a big Mega Man fan, as he stated he had to go back and try out the games before including the character. It sounds like he enjoyed the challenge though, and was more than willing to include the character, most likely because of his classic Nintendo ties and strong fan demand.

While I have not yet had a chance to explore the game myself yet, I’m very eager to see how Mega Man was implemented, how to unlock him, who the other secret character is, and if the game is truly a smash hit. From the get go, I have to applaud the creator and his team not only for the cool graphical style they stuck with, but also with narrowing the scope to a ‘small’ amount of characters and stages. Making a game all on your own is no easy feat, and how much work it takes to reach the end product sometimes escapes the minds of those establishing a dream roster. Right now, it looks solid, it’s Smash Brothers Gameboy style, and it has Mega Man, so thank you Dan!


  1. brawlman9876

    This game is good for what it is trying to be, good show

  2. Yellow Devil

    You unlock him by beating Arcade with the first four characters (apparently… I don’t even have the game!).

    • Just now played it! I died with Pikachu, but fortunately you can earn any Arcade scores for each character to unlock Mega Man! The moveset he has is pretty rad, I must admit.

      Also, the other secret is char is a pretty random but cool choice!

  3. brawlman9876

    Fun fact about that character, it is the harder character to unlock but i unlocked them on my first play through with dumbluck.

    • Yea, I was kinda wondering “what did it?” I was playing as Mega Man the first time on arcade and it jumped out during the pokemon stage and killed me. Best unlock ever!

  4. Yellow Devil

    BUT WHY?
    Could’ve used that slot for DONKEY KONG or somebody!!

    Also my avatar is green for some reason now…

  5. Popciosław

    They not use Donkey Kong because Vaporeon is great replase not only for him but also other characters which are not in game. That’s why I love SPOILER-Vaporeon-SPOILER.

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