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NCFC Review #1: Megaman: Citrus Cult

The first Mega Man title being shown off at NCFC, as far as I know, has no playable demo! So, this is not really a review, but I figured it should still get featured on its own post.

Megaman: Citrus Cult, is being developed by The Cult of the Lemon, and looks to be a standard platformer sequel to the classic Mega Man series. The story involves Dr. Wily claiming to go straight, and working at a manufacturing company, when a “Citrus Line” of products goes rogue. The game’s booth site shows off the robot masters who will be appearing in the title, which includes some odd ones like “BadassMan”.

The trailer, at the top of this post, does not seem to feature any outstanding special features. It seems the team is going for a straightforward sequel, which in my eyes is a wasted opportunity. Fangames have the chance to really improve or alter the standard formula for franchise games, and to simply recreate what is already there does not provide enough incentive for other fans to try out your title. However, fangames can be great without having flashly new features, as long as they have expert level design, unique new weapons, or are just overall solid recreations. I wish TCotL good luck in finishing their title, and hope they impress everyone with their creation in the near future.

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