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NCFC Review #2: Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X

Judging by the size of its development team, its community, and the amount of likes on its NCFC booth (over 200, more than any other showcased fangame on the site), Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X seems to be the most popular of the three Mega Man titles being shown off this year. Created by the Mega Dudes Production team, Mega Man Battle Network: Chrono X is an ambitious full-length sequel to the Mega Man Battle Network line of games. While the trailer above teases an unreleased 4th demo, you can download the 3rd demo at their website.

My own playthrough was an enjoyable experience. They truly nailed the feel of the Battle Network line of games, with great opening tutorials, some funny dialogue, and an interface and battle system that is nearly identical to playing on the GBA. I ran into very few glitches and oddities, and really appreciated the amount of polish that went into the demo. I managed to make it all the way to the end of the first chapter, where the demo ends, and it took me over an hour to do so!

The game uses the graphic style from Mega Man Battle Network 4 and beyond, and adds some custom graphics such as new face pictures. It is also at the same resolution as a Gameboy Advance game, which is tiny but has the potential to be upscaled. All of the menus and text boxes are spot-on. The music is all new, featuring arrangements of old Battle Network songs alongside some original compositions. It all sounded alright, except the standard battle music was a little disappointing. The sounds are a little strange, as some effects make a return while others are replaced, and some are just plain missing.

Without a doubt, the game is solid, a terrific reconstruction of past Battle Network titles. However, much like with Citrus Cult, I am a little disappointed that the game is not trying something new. While the final original boss fight in the demo is great, I only ran into one original virus. The tutorials were well crafted, and perfect for newcomers to the series, but are definitely less exciting to veterans who have experienced the ordeal at least 6 times already. The game is telling a completely new story, seemingly crossing over with the Starforce timeline, but without some new features or improvements, it will not be enough to persuade less hardcore Battle Network fans to try it out.

Once again, I’m sure I am getting ahead of myself in criticism. After all, it is very important that the team recreates Battle Network as solidly as possible, otherwise fans will have no interest in a game that claims to be the same with distinct oddities. Also, the game has the potential for online play, which would be more than enough of a new feature for me to get interested. I wish the team luck as they continue development, and am impressed by what I have seen so far.


  1. What’s the required busting level to get v2 Navi Chips in Mega Man Battle Network 1(GBA)?

    • Hello, Saulo!

      Wish I knew the exact requirements, but I’ve seen v2 chips rewarded at busting levels 7-9. Good luck!

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