Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

MM8BDM – Target Blaster Competition

CutStuff has just launched a cool new competition for Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, the “Target Blaster Competition”! Just like in Smash Bros., targets are placed throughout a stage, and players have to race through and break them all as fast as possible. The current running competition takes place on the Guts Man map, and requires you to connect to the official online server in order to verify a legitimate time.

If you feel like you’re up to the challenge, visit the official thread at CutStuff to download the necessary wad and read the rules. Of course, you’ll also need the latest version of MM8BDM in order to play!

As of this post, Myroc is currently king of the competition, with a speedy time of 10.27 seconds. If you can beat it even faster, you have the chance to request what map the next competition will take place on.

However, my current best time is about 30 seconds. If you can beat that time, I’ll sketch you something for being so rad!


  1. Yellow Devil

    Beat 30 seconds? I got 20.35. Or do you mean beat Myroc!? :O

    • Yea, I meant beat 30. YOU WIN

  2. Kapus

    I got a time of under 10.10.

    • While I was first writing this post, you still had the top time. But I’m like “I guess I should check if someone else beat the record…” and unbelievably, someone had. ANYWAYS: If you want a sketch, just say so, and congrats on getting such a fast time : )

      Also, guess I should link the new comp:

      • Kapus

        Haha, you don’t have to sketch me anything. I was just gloating. (which I shouldn’t be doing, anyways!)

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