Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

miniMEGA #5: “Idea”

And don't forget about Hard Man...

Bubble Man?! Why would you make a robot based off of bubbles?!

This is an old comic again, now with (lazy) coloring though! I got plenty of cool comic ideas, but not enough time to draw them. Here’s hoping for something newer and cooler next week!


  1. Yellow Devil

    Hey! Topman was a badass in the cartoon!

    Bubble Man, however…

  2. Kapus

    Topman still rocks outside of the cartoon.



    • Hoyyyyyyyy! More Zelda games need a Tingle Tuner.

  3. BSonirachi

    And then you have Spring Man.

    • Dr. Wily’s dreams are haunted by his creations!

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