Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Super Smash Bros. 4 Fan Poll for Most Wanted Characters

I’m a bit late on this, but it appears that over on the Smash Boards (and extending over into GameFAQs and Youtube) there is a fan poll currently running on the top picks for the next Smash Bros. game. It’s great to have polls like this running constantly, so that we always got the most up to date information on the most wanted characters, and to see if Mega Man’s demand holds strong.

If you want to cast your vote, first make sure that you read and understand the rules of the poll. You may make up to 5 nominations each day for different characters, and you can cast your vote via Youtube, GameFAQs, or the Smash Boards. However, your vote of up to 5 will only count once per day, so only post your ballot on one of the 3 sites. Also, your nominations all have to be for different people, so you cannot vote “Mega Man” on one day, and then “Mega Man” on the second day. Furthermore, the characters have to be chosen from the pool of suggestions (which are some of the top wanted characters that make sense appearing in Smash Bros.), or otherwise have to make sense (read the rules on the Smash Boards site for clarification on this).

Now, like I said, I am a bit late on this, as voting is already on the 3rd day and it ends on the 5th. Fortunately, since repeat voting for characters is not allowed over multiple days, that still leaves you plenty of time to vote for the Blue Bomber, as having votes from as many different people as possible is the key here.

Thanks for bring this to my attention, Limelight788!


  1. Limelight788

    You’re welcome. It’s nice to see that this site brought this poll to attention and hopefully he’ll be one of those who breaks the Top 5. However, I want to correct you on one simple thing:

    You do not have to vote for different people every day. It is simply an option. Meaning that if you want to vote Mega Man today and Mega Man tomorrow, you are free to do that. For example, this is why I vote Victini, Mewtwo, and Roy on the poll every day; because it is allowed.

    Also, the poll runs until January 1st, 2012 at 6:00 PM CST. So those who wish to vote for Mega Man still have an opportunity to do so.

  2. Ninfan

    come on man where is starforce megaman, even though he is less known the creator has to go with a character that will match the look of the new ssb, and i dont think classic megaman makes the cut. I prefer starforce because he looks more fitted for a game of this generation.

  3. Tom Diny

    1. Megaman
    2. PacMan
    3. Mewtwo
    4.Banjo Kazooie
    5. RayMan

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