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Dusty’s 3 and 5 Dollar Sketch-a-thon

As you may or may not know, the banner image for this site used to just be the image you see in the background, a picture from an official Rockman jigsaw puzzle. Fortunately, for my sake, a man by the name of Dusty came along one day and fixed it up, adding the appropriate logos and his own original drawing of the blue bomber to create a rather snazzy header image. He is a super kind dude, and maybe one day when I’m rich and famous and stuff, I can finally repay him for his generosity!

However, if you have the bucks to spare, you yourself can get one of Dusty’s quality sketches! The man himself has a Sketch-a-thon currently running, and is willing to accept requests of all sorts, including Mega Man characters, for either 3 or 5 dollars. 3 will net you a rather nifty pencil sketch, while 5 will earn you a fully inked piece. As you can see above, and in works on his DeviantArt page, Dusty has a fun, cartoon-like style that captures the essence of Mega Man characters rather well. If you can partake, do not pass up this opportunity!

To contact Dusty with any requests, simply post on his dA journal, or message him at DeviantArt. Also, make sure to tell all your friends!

1 Comment

  1. Kapus

    I love Dusty’s art, but I still feel terrible for never using that Splash Woman avatar he made for me.

    Especially since he usually charges for these.

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