Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Mega Man 2 Intro Redux

Riccardo, known on Youtube as Rickonami, recently released an HD tribute to one of the most famous video game openings of all time. He seems to have a knack for this, bringing a futuristic life full of lights and flying cars to the well-known setting. With a little assistance from Project X’s music, and some Mega Man 7 sprites, Riccardo has produced something that is sure to get any old fan excited for an actual next generation shot at the classic Mega Man series. Well done!

Credit: GoNintendo


  1. Limelight788

    Now that was awesome!

    I would also like to bring attention that Top 20 Roster Candidates has started and Mega Man is on it.


    You should also be aware of this poll by Shortiecanbrawl:

    Make sure to vote ONLY for who you want; Brawl vets and newcomers included.

  2. Kapus

    Oh jeez.

    I am now picturing the NES Megaman games in 3.5D like this.

    I want it so baadddllyy

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