Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Megaman Sprite Comic

Watch out! It’s another Mega Man comic! But, this is not the comic you usually see at the site! Megafan Brotoad has begun a series that is redefining the ancient-by-internet-standards art of Mega Man sprite comics, and has aptly named his creation “Megaman Sprite Comics”.

Everything about the comic is unique, including Brotoad’s completely original art and dialogue. The comic challenges even the most diehard Mega Man fan’s comprehension of the series, by recreating the characters’ roles in a whole new way. Previous villains become neighborly friends, cross-generation relationships are formed, and Bass looks like R2D2. Regarding when the strip updates, a statement by Brotoad on the site reads, “i will make a new comic every twice a week unless i forget or if i feel like it i’ll make more because inspiration can strike any time sometimes twice a time.”

You can find all the magic and wonderment of “Megaman Sprite Comics” at the official tumblr page.


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