Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

miniMEGA #12: “Love”

Good news, comic lovers! I created a separate tumblr page for miniMEGAs, right over here.  It has all the comics uploaded so far, and even magically added some color to old comics! They’re also in a weird, square-shaped format (good, maybe?).

I have to apologize, once again, for being sparse on any Mega Man + Smash Bros. related updates. While Kid Icarus: Uprising will not be out until March, it does seem like people are already getting excited for the upcoming Smash Bros. news. While we would all like to think Mega Man has a good chance of making it in, don’t get complacent! Actively rally for our blue hero whenever you can!

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  1. Okay… she noticed.

    Now what?

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