Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Get Nintendo’s Attention

It’s easy to assume things. Last night, I assumed a nice cold soda would still be in the fridge when I returned home. As it turns out though, my assumption was misguided; the drink had been pilfered, with the only rationalization for theft being that I did not “put my name on it”. Phooey!

However, the same situation could be applied to Mega Man showing up in Smash Bros. It’s easy to believe that Nintendo knows just how much people want Mega Man in the game, but do they really? What proof do we have that Nintendo recognizes Mega Man more than any other character, and is ready and willing to make a deal with Capcom? There really is nothing to prove what Nintendo knows or feels right now, so it is best to assume the worst, and make your voice known right away!

Over at the Capcom-Unity forums, member Scuttlest pointed me to the Nintendo web-form that any customer can use to file complaints and concerns with Nintendo. He also provided these instructions:

If you want to say anything about Mega Man in Smash, try E-Mailing Nintendo here.

Choose ‘Game Related’ for your topic, then ‘Other’ for additional details, then say that you want Mega Man in the next Smashes. Specify a specific Mega Man is you so desire.

You’ll probably get a ‘thanks for the feedback, we’ll forward it, and etc, etc,’ reply, but it does get heard by Nintendo. Probably the best way we can ask Nintendo to ask Capcom about this.

Now, Scuttlest is absolutely correct. A standard feedback reply should be expected, but that does not mean that your request goes unread. After all, this is a legitimate web-form for contacting Nintendo. Spamming Nintendo over and over by yourself will prove nothing, but various requests from diverse addresses should pique their interest.

I would like to thank Scuttlest for suggesting this idea. Although it seems basic, that is the beauty of it. It is a legitimate and easy way to tell Nintendo who you want to see in the next Smash Bros.


  1. Jawbreaker

    I sent a request to Nintendo! I really hope they will read it.

  2. Kapus

    Sounds good to me. I’ll do in.
    I’d really like to have classic Mega Man in.

  3. SSBCandidates

    Sadly, it seems the webpage is down.

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