Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Poll Results for “Street Fighter X Tekken Mega Man”

This poll has had a long time to run, and it’s gained quite a few votes. Interestingly enough, it seemed like “Love it” was initially winning the race, as people had calmed down after the first shocked reactions to Mega Man’s unveiling. However, “Hate it” has slowly overcome the love, making it the official winner of this poll. My guess is that after finally getting their hands on him, players did not like his sluggish play style.

So long, Bad Box Art Mega Man.


  1. gotta love the concept art.

  2. A shame really, I mean Zero on Marvel-Vs-Capcom 3 was pretty awesome, this megaman is just so… lame. Zero set the benchmark and megaman didn’t meet it ^-^”

  3. Phaze

    I feel that everyone who “loved it” are either idiots, trolls, or both.. That was just such a big “fuck you” from crapcom. I really miss the good old days when Megaman was actually loved/known and a prime representative of crapcom before they turned into dicks.

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