Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!
I hid myself while I repaired myself.

Mega Man for Smash Bros. Returns

Hey everyone! After a long while, I’m finally updating the site again. Despite not making a post since last year, news on Smash Bros. 4 remains nearly non-existent. However, that’s all going to change come E3 2013 (in June). Nintendo promises to show Smash Bros. in some shape or form at the trade show,  and will likely begin providing additional information from that point onward up until its release. While it’s unlikely we will receive any major news about Smash Bros. 4 before then, that’s no reason to have this site be inactive!

The year is 2013, and Mega Man fans as well as Capcom are celebrating his 25th anniversary. Plenty of tributes have been released, are in the works, and still have time to be made. Considering Smash Bros. hype is about to peak at this E3, there’s no better time for fans to show off their love for Mega Man. I plan to share some of these amazing creations on the site, so if you have any that you think should be mentioned, either leave a comment on this post or send me a tweet about it!

Regarding this site, I have already made a few updates and changes:

  • My old email for submissions (servbot303 -at- is now defunct; the best way to reach me is either through commenting on the site or messaging me on Twitter
  • We have an achievements page for Mega Man fans that are willing to go the extra mile and prove their dedication to getting Mega Man in Smash Bros. 4
  • There’s also a forums page that links to various communities that discuss Mega Man, including the topic for him at SmashBoards which I highly recommend visiting
  • All future miniMEGA comics will be reposted on here

I plan on updating every Monday from now on, so please look forward to future posts!


  1. I’m glad that you brought the site back. I was missing the site and thought you might have forgotten about it. Turns out that posting in the thread was the best thing I’ve ever done.

    • Haha ya, seriously! Thank you for that. I’ll admit, I was becoming a bit depressed with the lack of Mega Man and Smash Bros. news, but since we’re getting closer to E3 now, I’m sure at least the Smash Bros. front is about to get crazy!

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