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Mega Man on the Miiverse

Last week, Mega Man was released as a downloadable Wii U title for America and Europe, while Rockman 3 came out for Japan. In all, there are currently 3 Miiverse communities for Mega Man available.

I figure this is as good a way as any to show support for Mega Man in Smash Bros., and I went to check if anyone had already voiced their support. There was quite a few text posts about getting Mega Man in Smash Bros., some that were met with a healthy amount of “Yeah”s and some that had multiple replies with heated discussion on the topic. However, pictures speak louder than words on the Miiverse, and so I did my best to collect every drawn image that had some relation to Mega Man in Smash Bros. (posted below!)











A pretty impressive amount already, don’t you think? Imagine having even more be made each day! If you have a Wii U and feel like drawing, I urge you to post in one of these communities with an eye catching drawing to help show your support for Mega Man in Smash Bros.!

Of course, any kind of post about Mega Man in these communities would be a welcome addition. I notice the American Mega Man community’s number of posts is growing quickly, so let’s also try to make these communities some of the most popular on the Miiverse. As a bonus, I included some non-Smash related Mega Man posts I thought were pretty neat.






  1. I love the cartoon styled one at the bottom.

    • Anyone who draws stuff from the cartoon all cool-like is rad!

  2. I especially like the one for “Fight for everlasting peace!” Always thought Mega Man without the helmet was cool.

    I especially like this one as well:

    • Haha frik!

      Yea I could spend forever looking at all the new posts!

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