Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Site Update: Fan Games Page

What once was the “Flash Games” page has now become the “Fan Games” page! While it still contains a link to the Flash version of “Mega Man Scramble!!” at the bottom, the page now includes links to all sorts of Mega Man fan games. I have wanted to include a listing of games like this on the site for a long time, but did not know the best way to go about it. While it is still in heavy need of fine-tuning, I figured I might as well give it my best shot. The list on the page derives from my forum topic at Cutstuff where these games and more have been collected from the information of various members. For now, I have left out non-freeware games and games that are incomplete or only have demos.

While I hope that the list is useful for those looking to try some top-notch fan game creations, I know that it still has a long way to go. At the very least, I would like to also incorporate picture thumbnails and list each game’s type. If there’s any other features you would like to see added to the list, reply to this post with your requests. Also, feel free to link games that are not on the list, or talk about some of your favorite Mega Man fan games.


  1. I should check those out someday, especially when I having nothing to do.

    Oh and Shortiecanbrawl just made a new poll here:

    Make sure to mention this.

    The thread is here BTW:

    He’s updated with newcomers and veterans here:

    Stage update are in here:

    Assist and boss updates are coming soon, but they’ll be around 300 votes when posted.

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