Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Poll: Most Wanted Characters, Stages, Assist Trophies, and Bosses

A major new poll is happening over at SmashBoards, headed by the veteran member Shortiecanbrawl. The poll works like a check box survey, allowing voters to choose as many or as little of their most wanted things in each category. Mega Man choices are included in each of these sections, so if you have the time, please participate in this interesting fan poll!

Shortiecanbrawl is providing occasional updates whenever a voter count milestone is reached. Visit his official thread to check for updates; listed below are the latest updates he has posted since the creation of this article.

Most Wanted Characters

Most Wanted Stages

Most Wanted Assist Trophies and Bosses

Thanks Astarisborn94 for the information!


  1. Mega Man is in second place for newcomers!

    • Pesky Mewtwo!
      That is really cool to see, though!

      • Game&watcher

        I don’t see how Mewtwo counts as a newcomer, he appearred in Melee, wouldn’t that make Megaman the true most wanted newcomer?

  2. Mewtwo is cool, so we have nothing to worry about it being on top. Mewtwo deserves it anyway.

    Mega Man is still the most wanted newcomer and is doing really well. Currently, he’s in 2nd place in here out of 480 votes:

    While Mewtwo is getting a larger lead, Mega Man is distancing himself from the rest as well, which is proving his massive popularity.

  3. @Game&Watcher: Mewtwo is actually a Melee veteran, that is true, but Mewtwo along with Roy, Dr. Mario, Pichu and Young Link are grouped with the newcomers because they do not show up in Brawl. That said, you are right in that according to the poll, Mega Man is the most wanted newcomer.

    Especially after 700 votes:

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