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Super Smash Bros. 4 Wishlist MEME

Hey all fan artists (and fans of fan art)! The great and powerful Kaigetsudo recently created a Super Smash Bros. 4 Wishlist MEME for Smash Bros. aficionados to render their top choices on! The piece has a spiffy design that allows for 4 Nintendo newcomers and a single special third-party guest, downloadable as a PSD file or available to copy and edit as is. With E3 inching closer and closer, what better way is there to exhaust all of this pent up hype than to draw your dream roster?

If you wish to participate, please send me a link of your work and I’ll be happy to post it here. Some top notch artists have already completed their work, which you can see by hitting the “READ MORE” button. I’m currently working on my own, and would love to be able to list a whole bunch!

FuPoo's Wishlist

FuPoo’s Wishlist

ronnieraccoon's Wishlist

ronnieraccoon’s Wishlist

TuxedoMoroboshi's Wishlist

TuxedoMoroboshi’s Wishlist

PixelatedYoshi's Wishlist

PixelatedYoshi’s Wishlist

Kaigetsudo's Wishlist

Kaigetsudo’s Wishlist

JazzmanZ's Wishlist

JazzmanZ’s Wishlist

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  1. Won’t lie, these are really neat to see. Looking forward to your take on this.

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