Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

Celebration Fan-Art

One of the best parts about Mega Man getting announced for Smash Bros. was the reaction worldwide afterwards. Everyone was talking about Mega Man; it was was trending on Twitter, gaming blogs everywhere made it their top headline, and people were showing just how excited they were. The trailer alone had me cheering, but it was such a great feeling to see that TONS of other people were just as ecstatic as I was.  All sorts of fans are incredibly eager to play as Mega Man in the Smash Bros. arena, including some skilled artists!

Merely hours after the trailer streamed live, I started to see fan art pour in of Mega Man with his new look, pictures of Mega Man happily holding an invitation,  and pictures of Mega Man standing next to the Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer. The art hasn’t stopped yet, but I figured it’s high time to highlight some really cool works I’ve had the pleasure to come across in the past few months. Collected past the “Read More” link are thumbnail images with each work’s title, artist, and a short description of why it’s so great. Make sure to click the thumbnails to see the full artwork, and to visit the artists’ pages!

Dr. Wily’s Castle by Gabriel J. Garcia

This piece is what made me decide to create a blog post about all this incredible art in the first place. This is also the only one of the list that’s not just a static image, but instead a full 3D model. If you click the thumbnail, you’ll be able to rotate and zoom-in on a low-poly recreation of the exciting new Wily Castle design featured in Super Smash Bros. Being able to look around the castle from all angles is really something else. Furthermore, the same artist created 3D models of Mega Man, Proto Man, the Yellow Devil, and a Met, and even has a work which combines them all into an action scene.

SSB4: Rock-Paper-Needles by Mivion

SSB4: Rock-Paper-NeedlesWhat a showdown! This picture does a fantastic job of portraying the unique characteristics of these 3 iconic fighters. The artist even recreated the new “ring” level for the background, complete with intense stadium lights.

SSB Newcomers by Kamifish and Crunchynougat

SSB NewcomersThis crazy cool collaborative effort contains what looks to be every single playable character from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with a few new faces! Mega Man, Wii Fit Trainer, and Villager take center stage, and seem to fit right in.

sibs by FuPoo

sibsI’m not sure that this one really has much to do with Mega Man being in Smash Bros. specifically, but it was created after the announcement and has crossover cuteness so THERE. It features Mega Man, Tracy, Roll, and Ness.

Smash Bros Megaman! by Gashi-gashi

Smash Bros Megaman!A simple, straight-forward, and very cool “thank you” picture for Mega Man getting into Super Smash Bros. Not only is it full of energy visually, but it was actually created and uploaded the same day of the announcement!

Waiting to Join by The-Blue-Wind

Waiting to JoinThis picture captures the eager anticipation of waiting for the big event to begin. The colors are super cheerful and optimistic, and Mega Man is detailed with his new design.

Super Smash Bomber by Blackblader

Super Smash BomberWhen the “new challenger approaching” text comes up, everyone holds their breath. This piece shows off just how cool Mega Man can look.

新! by Coramune

新!I love the pen and ink look of this one! Everything about this drawing is solid, from the layout design to Mega Man’s tough pose.

New Smash Bros Characters by Kimmotman

New Smash Bros CharactersThis is another picture featuring the trio of newcomers, with a rougher texture and more playful colors. I absolutely love the “Mega Man 3 Weapon Get” pose!

That’s about it for now. I hope anyone visiting saw something new and cool! If you have some rad art you want to share, please leave a comment below!

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