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Everything Mega Man in Super Smash Bros. 3DS


Super Smash Bros. for 3DS came out in Japan last week, and for the past few months people around the world have caught the Super Smash Bros. fever! The game will be coming to North America soon enough, but some fans can’t wait that long to find out what parts of the Mega Man universe made it in. So, I’ve decided to try and make a post that will help curious fans find what they need! Since I don’t own a Japanese copy of the game myself, this post will contain mostly links to the  sources who discovered/ripped/screen capped the information. Of course, if you don’t wish to be spoiled, don’t read this article!!!

Mega Man’s Alternate Colors

Mega Man Alternate Colors
Every character in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS gets 8 color/costume choices. While some characters have drastic costume changes, Mega Man’s simply reflect some of the color schemes he’s had for special weapons. The image above shows not only Mega Man’s color choices, but also my personal guesses at which weapon each represents. Some of these are up for debate, such as the “Air Shooter” color since it is a much lighter blue (which looks closer to Skull Barrier). However, almost all of these colors seem to correlate to special weapons from Mega Man’s default move set in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, so I went with Air Shooter.

Mega Man Alternate Colors Source: #PostYourRoster Beta

Mega Man Special Weapons Source: Mega Man Knowledge Base


Mega Man’s Custom Special Moves

Mega Man's Special Neutral Attacks

Mega Man's Special Down Attacks

Mega Man's Special Up Attacks

Mega Man's Special Side Attacks

Lots of cool past special weapons can be accessed with Mega Man’s custom special moves. They all have different properties too, which you can read all about in –Buzzard–‘s posts (which are also the source of these images).

Mega Man Custom Special Moves Source: –Buzzard–‘s posts

Mega Man’s Trophies

Mega Man X Trophy

Mega Man super fan Tarbo has been posting all sorts of Mega Man related Super Smash Bros. for 3DS pictures on his Twitter account, and has even made a page filled with Mega Man trophies from the game.

Mega Man Trophies Source: Tarbo


Mega Man’s Victory Poses

Mega Man Victory Pose
On Youtube, GameXplain has uploaded tons of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS videos, including one that covers all the victory poses of every character. You can see all 3 of Mega Man’s victory poses at 19:38.

Mega Man Victory Pose Image Source: Tarbo

Mega Man Victory Poses Video Source: GameXplain


Mega Man’s Music

Mega Man and Kirby

Also on Youtube, GilvaSunner has uploaded various tracks from Super Smash Bros. for 3DS‘s soundtrack. Links to each of the Mega Man related tracks are provided below.

Mega Man and Kirby Image Source: Tarbo

Mega Man Music Source: GilvaSunner


I’ll be sure to continue updating this post with more information in the future. If there’s anything you’re curious about, leave a comment and I’ll try to find the answer.


  1. Miles

    I’m pretty sure that his Costume #5 is Ice Slasher, not Air Shooter. But thanks for compiling everything!

  2. Leaf Shield could also be Hyper Bomb, they use the same colour scheme or near to.
    Air Shield is probably Gemini Laser honestly, both Air Shooter and Ice Slasher use a deeper Blue then what’s used in Smash
    And Top Spin could be Elec Beam, also same Colour Scheme.

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