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miniMEGA #55: “The Mother of Inventions”

No. 55 – The Mother of Inventions Don’t forget to show your mom some love today! -Press Start

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miniMEGA #54: “R. Fetch”

Tearing off legs is impolite!

No. 54 – R. Fetch Hey all! Kero reporting! News Flash: Canine capers bug boney bots! -Kero

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miniMEGA #49: “Creepin’ Me Out”

It’s an Eddie comic, which means it’s the best!  Click on the image above to see it on miniMEGA.

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miniMEGA #48: “Game OVER”

Will Mega Man and X finally team up?!  Click on the image above to find out!

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miniMEGA Special Report

Good morning readers! Ribbita here, but you can call me “Kero” for short! Breaking news! I’ve taken it upon myself to help Press Start and Dusty in bringing you the latest MiniMEGA comics! It is a great opportunity and I look forward to working with my new metal-plated partners! We sincerely hope you continue enjoying …

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miniMEGA #B3: “Breaking News”

Today’s special guest comic was made by NuclearMime. The above is only the first panel. Click on it to see the whole thing!

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miniMEGA #47: “Topical Troubles”

It’s impossible to not be eager for some new Mega Man content, but Capcom has told us for awhile now to not expect anything until December. I’m really excited to see how they’ll end up celebrating 25 years of Mega Man!

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miniMEGA #46: “In Case of Emergency”

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a miniMEGA comic here! I’ll try to post all new comic updates on miniMEGA’s tumblr AND this site, from now on. Yyyyyup.

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miniMEGA #19: “Arrival”

Hey, it could happen! I wanted to keep the void in the last picture, so I stopped myself from including “Kid Icarus” from Captain N and CD-I Mario. Too bad! -Press Start

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miniMEGA #18: “Simulator”

It’s no “Love+” or whatever, but I think my Mega Man “romantic simulation game” would be a real hit! Incidentally, if you think you have a better idea of how such a weird and wacky title would pan out, and feel like drawing it, you could enter Rock Miyabi’s Valentine’s Day art contest!

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