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Celebration Fan-Art

One of the best parts about Mega Man getting announced for Smash Bros. was the reaction worldwide afterwards. Everyone was talking about Mega Man; it was was trending on Twitter, gaming blogs everywhere made it their top headline, and people were showing just how excited they were. The trailer alone had me cheering, but it …

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Super Smash Bros. 4 Wishlist MEME

Hey all fan artists (and fans of fan art)! The great and powerful Kaigetsudo recently created a Super Smash Bros. 4 Wishlist MEME for Smash Bros. aficionados to render their top choices on! The piece has a spiffy design that allows for 4 Nintendo newcomers and a single special third-party guest, downloadable as a PSD …

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Mega Man on the Miiverse

Nintendo Fun for Everyone

Last week, Mega Man was released as a downloadable Wii U title for America and Europe, while Rockman 3 came out for Japan. In all, there are currently 3 Miiverse communities for Mega Man available. I figure this is as good a way as any to show support for Mega Man in Smash Bros., and …

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Super Mario Bros. Crossover 2.0

I’m fairly late in posting this, but that’s ok because it means I get to post the trailer when the game is already out, so no wait for you! Super Mario Bros. Crossover has received a serious overhaul from its original release, now letting you play with Bass, all kinds of crazy graphics, and more. …

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Pharaoh Man

“Hey my mega peeps! No new comic this week due to some fatigue from working hard and having my scar from my surgery act up, but so you don’t get nothing I give you this Pharaoh Man fan-art! Next week will be a two fer!” -Dusty I really appreciate Dusty getting something ready for today, …

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Mega Man Brawl Mods

We have a special showcase for you today! Dinner Sonic has created a smash-tastic video featuring 9 Mega Man characters that have been modded into Brawl by various Brawl Vault experts. Dinner Sonic setup every aspect of these match-ups, even taking the liberty of mixing and matching different characters’ movesets. There’s even custom stages and …

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Megaman Sprite Comic

Watch out! It’s another Mega Man comic! But, this is not the comic you usually see at the site! Megafan Brotoad has begun a series that is redefining the ancient-by-internet-standards art of Mega Man sprite comics, and has aptly named his creation “Megaman Sprite Comics”. Everything about the comic is unique, including Brotoad’s completely original …

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Mega Man 2 Intro Redux

Riccardo, known on Youtube as Rickonami, recently released an HD tribute to one of the most famous video game openings of all time. He seems to have a knack for this, bringing a futuristic life full of lights and flying cars to the well-known setting. With a little assistance from Project X’s music, and some …

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Green Biker Dude – The Game

Blyka, creator of Star Man -Upgraded- and numerous other Mega Man fangames, has recently released a new project that ventures into the X series. Prepare yourselves, for Green Biker Dude! The game looks great, and is a real challenge to beat. The Story mode contains four tracks, and has a stunning cinematic ending if you …

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Mega Man Scramble!! Flash Version

Did you know? Today is Mega Man’s 24th birthday! I wanted to do something special for his anniversary, but as usual I’m a lazy bum. Fortunately, super hero Dinnersonic/Someguy helped me resurrect an old classic to help celebrate the occasion: Mega Man Scramble!!, playable in your browser window! Dinnersonic originally developed Mega Man Scramble!! for …

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