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Site Update: Fan Games Page

What once was the “Flash Games” page has now become the “Fan Games” page! While it still contains a link to the Flash version of “Mega Man Scramble!!” at the bottom, the page now includes links to all sorts of Mega Man fan games. I have wanted to include a listing of games like this …

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Mega Man for Smash Bros. Returns

I hid myself while I repaired myself.

Hey everyone! After a long while, I’m finally updating the site again. Despite not making a post since last year, news on Smash Bros. 4 remains nearly non-existent. However, that’s all going to change come E3 2013 (in June). Nintendo promises to show Smash Bros. in some shape or form at the trade show,  and …

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Retiring an achievement

This came rather unexpectedly to us, but since the final issue of Nintendo Power is coming — we are retiring the achievement for getting your letters in to Nintendo Power talking about Mega Man as a character in Super Smash Brothers… :(

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Mega Man For Smash Bros is now on Facebook!

Mega Man For Smash Bros is now on Facebook! Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know the cause now has an official page on Facebook, we’re directing all the Mega Man fans we can find to this page, so make some noise about getting the Blue Bomber into Smash Bros!!

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