Mega Man for Smash Bros.

Mission Complete!

miniMEGA #55: “The Mother of Inventions”

No. 55 – The Mother of Inventions

Don’t forget to show your mom some love today!

-Press Start

Mega Man on the Miiverse

Last week, Mega Man was released as a downloadable Wii U title for America and Europe, while Rockman 3 came out for Japan. In all, there are currently 3 Miiverse communities for Mega Man available.

I figure this is as good a way as any to show support for Mega Man in Smash Bros., and I went to check if anyone had already voiced their support. There was quite a few text posts about getting Mega Man in Smash Bros., some that were met with a healthy amount of “Yeah”s and some that had multiple replies with heated discussion on the topic. However, pictures speak louder than words on the Miiverse, and so I did my best to collect every drawn image that had some relation to Mega Man in Smash Bros. (posted below!)

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What Can We Expect at E3 2013?

Nintendo recently shocked gamers everywhere with an announcement about not having their typical E3 press conference in 2013. The past few years of E3 have had Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all having a “main” conference where they show off exciting new technology, relay business statistics and strategies, and debut games all live on stage. Nintendo is seemingly dropping that type of presentation in favor of smaller events, where they will personally address smaller crowds and allow them to play the latest games. Many believe the company will use Nintendo Directs around the time of E3 as a way to deliver their exclusive footage of new games to people worldwide.

E3 2013 is also supposed to be when the public gets its first look at the new Smash Bros. game(s). Whether this will be through screenshots, a trailer, or even playable demos at E3, no one knows. What we do know is what we have seen in the past, specifically the debut footage of Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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miniMEGA #54: “R. Fetch”

No. 54 – R. Fetch

Hey all! Kero reporting!

News Flash: Canine capers bug boney bots!


Mega Man for Smash Bros. Returns

Hey everyone! After a long while, I’m finally updating the site again. Despite not making a post since last year, news on Smash Bros. 4 remains nearly non-existent. However, that’s all going to change come E3 2013 (in June). Nintendo promises to show Smash Bros. in some shape or form at the trade show,  and will likely begin providing additional information from that point onward up until its release. While it’s unlikely we will receive any major news about Smash Bros. 4 before then, that’s no reason to have this site be inactive!

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Retiring an achievement

Retiring an achievement

This came rather unexpectedly to us, but since the final issue of Nintendo Power is coming — we are retiring the achievement for getting your letters in to Nintendo Power talking about Mega Man as a character in Super Smash Brothers… :(

Mega Man For Smash Bros is now on Facebook!

Mega Man For Smash Bros is now on Facebook!

Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know the cause now has an official page on Facebook, we’re directing all the Mega Man fans we can find to this page, so make some noise about getting the Blue Bomber into Smash Bros!!

miniMEGA #49: “Creepin’ Me Out”

It’s an Eddie comic, which means it’s the best!  Click on the image above to see it on miniMEGA.

miniMEGA #48: “Game OVER”

Will Mega Man and X finally team up?!  Click on the image above to find out!

miniMEGA Special Report

Good morning readers! Ribbita here, but you can call me “Kero” for short!

Breaking news! I’ve taken it upon myself to help Press Start and Dusty in bringing you the latest MiniMEGA comics!

It is a great opportunity and I look forward to working with my new metal-plated partners!

We sincerely hope you continue enjoying our developing coverage on your favorite Blue Bomber!